Makeup Secrets for Perfect Photo Shoot

Makeup artist of TV channels 1 + 1, New Channel, STB, as well as a project makeup artist for many magazines Anna Chervinskaya shared with Ivona magazine the secrets of the perfect makeup for the photo shoot that will make you look incredible in the picture.

Anna Chervinskaya Makeup Secrets for Perfect Photo Shoot

Photo shoot is a significant event in the life of a modern woman. Thanks to beautiful photos, we break out of routine life, raise our spirits, and discover ourselves from different, often unusual, sides.

And, of course, each of us wants to look irresistible, not to miss any detail of the future image. Today, we focus on the king of every photo shoot – his majesty makeup.

Lights. Always consider exactly where the photo session will take place – if it’s in the studio, the makeup should be twice stronger that usual, and though what we would see in the mirror may seem “oh, that’s too much”, that will be just right.

Makeup Photo Shoot

The thing is that hard studio light really muffles your makeup. If you plan to shoot in the city or outdoors, then the natural light will help the photographer, which means that you can do a more gentle makeup.

Cosmetics. For a long time, at a peak of fashion remains a nude makeup or so-called “makeup without makeup.” It is a mistake to believe that if we do not make the accent on your lips or eyes, then there is nothing of it at all. All attention will be focused on your fresh, beautiful and smooth skin.

Makeup Secrets for Perfect Photo Shoot

In order to achieve the effect of an ideal skin tone for a photo shoot, you will definitely need a foundation and concealer, which is preferably to choose with an HD mark. This abbreviation –HD which makes it High Definition – means increased clarity.

Such makeup has light-reflecting micro-particles and allows the skin to look flawless in the shot – even with the largest scaling.

Masking the flaws on the face, do not forget about the neckline, shoulders, neck – the camera is pretty insidious, nothing can hide from it. One of the trends for many seasons is a light natural glow, which is easy to get thanks to the highlighter.

Anna Movchan professional makeup artist

And the fashion for unnaturally broad eyebrows loses its relevance. Use a transparent eyebrow gel, which underlines the natural shape the best.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Photo shoot is, above all, a creative process that will help you to emphasize the best features of your appearance, as well as a great opportunity to try yourself with a new look. There are several current trends that you can easily take into account in your makeup:

  • If you love to shine – shine! Glitters, rhinestones, shiny shadows continue to be in the trend. And, therefore, in this regard, you can try almost everything: from laconic accents in the corners of the eyes to the distribution of sequins all over the face.
  • Variability in eyelash makeup is welcome. If during the previous seasons glossy magazines offered photos, where the models had practically no eyelashes visible and all attention was turned to the eyebrows, now the situation has changed. Densely painted upper eyelashes, or just the lower ones, or both upper and lower ones – there are no restrictions, only your wishes.
  • Add more drama to the look. Have you used to think that the accent should be put either on the lips, or on the eyes? Forget it. Effective makeup, that consists of expressive, attracting attention eyes and clearly painted dark lips. Take a note of this when you decide how to emphasize your beauty in the photo.
  • Juicy and shiny. It’s about the lips already. It’s time to fill up the cosmetic bag with lipsticks of berry shades – plum, deep purple, burgundy … This is exactly what you need for a photo shoot.

Think over the image to the smallest detail. Makeup is an important part of the whole image, not a separate element. Always consider what you will be wearing, what background you will use to create pictures, what mood you want to show in the photo. And only after thinking through all the big and small details, make up your cosmetic bag.

Anna Chervinska professional makeup artist

Prepare examples of makeup. If you have invited a professional makeup artist for a photo shoot, then show him or her 2-3 photos with examples of makeup that you like. Also, be sure to discuss all the details of the photo shoot: where, when, why. So it will be easier for you to recreate exactly what you want.

Always remember that the main thing in the photo session is the heroine – you, and makeup, hair, clothes, accessories – this is only an addition to your beauty and personality. Do not be afraid to surprise and inspire yourself! Let these makeup rules become the basis for your most daring, impressive experiments.

Anna Chervinska professional makeup artist

Let’s note that Anna Chervinskaya is a makeup artist of the programs of TV channels 1 + 1, New Channel, STB, of the productions of Radioaktive Film, Electric Sheep Film, 120 Seconds Productions, AdShot Creative, as well as makeup artist for Lashmaker Magazine, Pink, Enviable Brides, Gothic Amazing Magazine.